ACG has a portfolio of Anti-Skimming solutions incorporating Deep Insert Skimming, Throat Inlay Skimming and Overlay Skimming.

Skimming Attacks at highest point in 20 years.

Attacks on Bank ATMs increased 174%.

£2bn in Global Skimming costs per annum.

Fraudsters steal on avarage £40k per attack.

Attacks on non-bank ATMs increased 300%.

ACG Europe has a comprehensive ATM Security portfolio covering:


ACG’s anti-skimming portfolio has evolved to include protection against deep insert skimming, black box attacks, eavesdropping and throat inlay skimming. Our multivendor solutions fit any ATM model without effecting the ATMs performance. Quick to install, competitively priced and durable ACG have deployed thousands of units globally. Please contact us for more information so that we can discuss the right solution for your fleet.

Overlay Skimming

The Problem

Sitting outside the ATM over the top of existing ATM fronts, they are quick to attach and retrieve. Overlay Skimming is a favourite among ATM criminals.

Although one of the most common and known ATM Security issues, Overlay Skimming is still a major problem throughout the UK and Europe.

The ACG Solution

Our Overlay Skimming solution is designed to accommodate all models of ATMS. The ECS 4in1 is a versatile and durable solution to Overlay Skimming scams.

Our device jams the skimmers ability to collect card data while also detecting the presence of a skimmer, preventing false alarms.

Throat Inlay Skimming

The Problem

Placed just inside the 'throat' of of the ATM, Throat Inlay Skimming is not easy to detect and often goes unoticed for long periods of time.

According to EAST, this form of card skimming has been spreading further across Europe recently. 

The ACG Solution

For use with motorised card readers, the ECS Basic uses the same jamming functionality as the 4in1 to prevent Throat Inlay Skimming. 

Installation has proven results and is a simple and cost effective solution against skimming. 

Deep Insert Skimming

The Problem

The real danger with Deep Insert Skimming devices is how difficult it is to detect. NCR, the ATM manufacturer, says:

"These deep insert skimming devices are unlikely to be affected by most active anti-skimming jamming solutions."

The ACG Solution

The Razor Guard is our answer to the threat of Deep Insert Skimmers.

It is designed to prevent both the traditional anchoring mechanism and the more recent magnetic razor skimmers. A simple and effective solution to an increasing problem. 

Physical Attack

From Fog Cannons to ATM Anchors ACG can make recommendations on the best solution for your fleet, we have multivendor solutions for all models.

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